Posted by: Penelope | August 14, 2013

By the Lake

This is one of my favorite places in Lake Tahoe to sit, read, and watch the sunset.


Posted by: Penelope | August 14, 2013

By the Lake


This is one of my favorite places in Lake Tahoe to sit, read, and watch the sunst.

Posted by: Penelope | August 13, 2013

A stroll around Lake Tahoe


We arrived yesterday evening around 11:00PM and feeling very tired. Today was the first day of the Spanish intensive course at LTCC, it was hectic, and I was tired. After school I took a nap, then headed out for a walk. I saw this mural on the side of a building located on San Francisco Street.

Posted by: Penelope | August 3, 2013

View of San Francisco from Coit Tower

SF_Vista 1

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I walked all the way up Telegraph Hill, then the 174 steps up to Coit Tower. And, I enjoyed every step of of the way, especially since I got lucky with a clear, sunny day (it was overcast and cold the day after). San Francisco such a pretty city that it’s a joy to walk from neighborhood to neighborhood, even while your legs and feet are are screaming to stop. And, I visited the American Academy of Sciences, and the Asian Art Museum. Both were quite enjoyable, and I will revisit next time I’m in town.

Posted by: Penelope | August 2, 2013

Disney Concert Hall

Our photography organizer gave us the task of considering lines in our composition. We went to Disney Concert Hall to do a photo shoot. We were allowed inside to roam in the building; there are also guided tours. It’s a very interesting building and it was a good exercise.

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Posted by: Penelope | July 31, 2013


Even zooming by at 65mph, Sonoma is very pretty. I took these with my iTouch.



Posted by: Penelope | July 30, 2013

Clovers in the Redwood Forest


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I went on a wonderful trip with some very nice adventurous photographers. We met at Oakland Airpot where we rented cars and drove to Northern California, near the Oregon border. We spent two and a half days going exploring the beautiful area, taking lots of photos, and enjoying some great food and company.

This photo is of a tree stump covered in lovely clover. It’s amazing how much regenerations there is in the forest. Nothing truly dies; trees re-sprout branches, ferns, moss, and various plants are nurtured by the fallen trees, and leaves. The ground feels like a thick carpet.

Posted by: Penelope | July 29, 2013

My Prince


This little froggy was friendly enough to pose for a photo. I did use the zoom so as not to scare him away by getting too close. I took this at the Chandelier Drive-Through Tree park.

Posted by: Penelope | August 12, 2012

Island at Lake Tahoe


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I went to LTCC to attend the week long Spanish intensive course, which I very much enjoyed. And of course Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places to visit.

Posted by: Penelope | August 10, 2012

Lake Tahoe

Loved watching the sunset at the Timbercove Peer.

Posted by: Penelope | March 1, 2012

Fair Marquee

Fair Marquee

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Great weekend of camping, eating, laughing, and an outing to the Date Festival in Riverside.

Posted by: Penelope | December 2, 2011

Looking In and Looking Out

This isn’t a double exposure. I peered through a window and saw the outside reflected on a surface, and thought it cool.

Posted by: Penelope | December 2, 2011

Occupy Los Angeles


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I went with some friends to check-out Occupy Los Angeles right before it was taken down. The art work was great.

Posted by: Penelope | November 20, 2011

Atwater Grill

I awoke with a craving for pancakes. I thought about going to the chain restaurant down the street but I needed better ambiance, without muzak playing on the background. I started driving not knowing to where and then saw this little restaurant. Perfect place to have breakfast, sip coffee, and read.

I really like the light here, the way it reflects off the tables and chairs.


Posted by: Penelope | October 18, 2011

One Versatile Bag

If you’re like me you hate camera bags, they’re ugly and everyone knows what’s inside. So, here’s an alternative. With a simple insert, a messenger bag can accommodate your camera equipment: timbuk2 Camera Insert

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